International Hope Cup Mathematics Invitational (IHC)

2023 World Event

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International Hope Cup Mathematics Invitational

Rules and Regulations


* To foster young people’s interest in mathematics, help them understand mathematics more thoroughly, and expand their critical thinking abilities.

* To help young people build confidence in learning mathematics and encourage them to take on challenges. Affirm students' contribution and growth in the field of mathematics.

* Help young people develop team spirit and learn teamwork and cooperation from an early age.

* To establish a platform for global mathematics educators to communicate and to elevate the current level of mathematics education.

Competition System

International Hope Cup Mathematics Invitational is divided into two stages, the first stage is the regional competition, and the second stage is the Global Peak Challenge. The regional competition and the Global Peak Challenge are separate from each other. The regional competition is an individual competition, which is organized locally by the organization in charge of each country or region (the organization in charge of the region must be authorized by the organizing committee and needs to be reviewed annually. The 2023 regional competition will be held from March 4th to May 15th . The Global Peak Challenge will be on a world tour, hosted by the host country in turn, and teams from all countries will participate and compete on the same stage. The time is July/August every year. The Global Peak Challenge is a team competition, only the Hope Cup 6, Hope Cup 8, and Hope Cup 10 are set up, and there are 6 people in a team. The detail of the Global Peak Challenge will be explained separately after the regional competition.

Regional Competition

The regional competition is an individual competition. Complete a fixed number of questions within a fixed time, and only the answers need to be filled in, no process is required.

Hope Cup 2 – grade 1&2 group (Age group: 7&8): 25 questions in 60 minutes

Hope Cup 4 – grade 3&4 group (Age group: 9&10): 25 questions in 90 minutes

Hope Cup 6 – grade 5&6 group (Age group: 11&12): 25 questions in 90 minutes

Hope Cup 8 – grade 7&8 group (Age group: 13&14): 25 questions in 90 minutes

Hope Cup 10 – grade 9&10 group (Age group: 15&16): 25 questions in 90 minutes


5% of the participants get Gold Winner Certificates

10% of the participants get Silver Winner Certificates

15% of the participants get Bronze Winner Certificates

20% of the participants get Merit Certificates

All participants get participant certificates

All certificates have a QR code, and the authenticity can be checked through the QR code or the certificate number.

Regional Competition Method

A country (region) designates one organizer for unified management. The local organizer can arrange competitions in the region within the specified time frame. The competition time of the same level in the same country (region) must be consistent. Before the competition time frame ends, the local organizer needs to ensure the safety of the competition questions, and it is not allowed to publish all or part of the competition questions in any form offline or online. The local organizers need to find a suitable venue for the competition and arrange proctoring and other organizing work. According to the local situation, the local organizer can decide to use the online or offline mode do run the competition.

Language: The official languages of the competition are English and Chinese. If some countries (regions) require translation into local languages, the translation work shall be undertaken by the local organizer, and the translation documents shall be submitted to the organizing committee for archival purposes. The marking work is under the responsibility of the local organizer, and the scores will be sent back to the organizing committee. The test papers must be kept sealed for inspection until the end of the final awarding work.

Personal Center

Each participant obtains his/her own personal center, from which he/she can download learning materials such as practice question set, get the admission ticket information. And after the awards are given, the award certificates can be downloaded from the personal center. Participants can also obtain the test report from the personal center to understand their own knowledge weaknesses and ability cobwebs. After the competition, all test questions will be uploaded to the personal center for participants to download and study.


All Hope Math international members are eligible to register for this event.

Hope Math certified coaches can sign up this event for their students. The Hope Math Club division can sign up this event for division members.

Write email to to get more information about how to become a coach and how to form a club division.